General Layout

This photo shows most of the spaces we will be using at PennWest.

The Student Center (1) contains the dining hall, worship space, and many other rooms and spaces for general use.

The Convocation Center (2) has multi-purpose rooms and athletic facilities. The pools are also near the Convocation Center.

The dorms (3) are all around the Student Center, with green spaces in between.

Student Center

The Natali Student Center contains the dining hall, worship space, theater, and many other rooms will will make use of.

Convocation Center

The Convocation Center contains athletic facilities and multi-purpose rooms. And they will put our logo on the screen on that tower.

Dorm Rooms

An exciting change is the dorm rooms. There are singles, doubles, and quads. Every room is air conditioned. Every room has a private bathroom. Quads have 4 separate bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.


PennWest California is about 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh, PA on the banks of the Monongahela River.

More Info

PennWest Homepage

Virtual Tour of Student Center (Requires Chrome browser)