We look forward to seeing you at PennWest California from July 9 to 15, 2023!  

You will receive an email with detailed instructions for completing your registration – It has detailed instructions for each of these steps:  

  1. Everyone: Make a deposit of 50% by May 31. If you are receiving a campership or applying for a scholarship you are exempt from making the deposit.
  2. All Parents and their attending Youth: Fill out paperwork via SignNow.  
  3. Parents of Youth / Children attending with a sponsor who is not their guardian: Fill out, notarize, and mail in paperwork.  

Once you follow the instructions in your email, your registration is complete!  If you have additional individuals to register in your Family / Group, click here to register them.  You will need to fill out the form for each individual in your group.  

For more information about our Scholarships, click here, or go directly here to apply by May 31.

In early July, you will receive more communications via email in preparation for CERSI.  See you there!

Your CERSI Registration Team – 

Rebecca Morse, Christine Davidson, Megan Garbe, and Becky Mitchell