A full course of COVID-19 vaccinations is required for admittance to all UUA events, for all attendees ages 5 & over. Currently, the policy relates only to vaccinations, not boosters.

Medical Exemptions: Please contact Amy Kent at 412-999-7067 or for information on medical exemptions.

Onsite rapid tests

UUA events will have free rapid test kits on site. Any attendees who meet other participation requirements (e.g., proof of vaccination) but are showing any COVID symptoms will be asked to take a rapid test. Rapid tests can also be requested by attendees for any reason, such as recently being on public transportation, for peace of mind.


To live into our covenant of mutuality and equity we will model and respect healthy boundaries to ensure our community is safe for all of our diverse members.

When you register on-site you will be given the option of adding a colored sticker to your nametag. The colors represent the following:

RED – Please wear a mask when you approach me
YELLOW – Let’s be cautious, masks not required but please keep your distance
GREEN – I am open to mask-free conversations and interactions

Masks will always be required in some spaces:

  1. All events in the Performance Center will require all attendees, including the choir and folk orchestra, to wear masks. Orchestra members may remove masks when playing an instrument. Those presenting or conducting services on the stage may remove their mask during their portion of the presentation. Events in the Performance Center include:
    • Morning worship
    • Evening vespers
    • Theme talks
    • Evening musical events (Small ensembles, talent shows, concerts)
    • PEEK!
  2. Afternoon INDOOR theme talk-back sessions with CB Beal, if OUTDOORS masks are optional.
  3. In the dining hall lines and while getting food/drinks or moving from your table to other areas. Masks are not required while at your table but we ask that when you “rise up, mask up” and please use your mask when not at your table. Note that limited outdoor dining is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  4. Some morning seminars.
    • Enneagram as Spiritual Practice – masks required
    • Finding Your Voice – Yes, You Can Sing! masks required
    • If you are in a seminar which has a masking policy that does not match your need, please contact the registrars to choose another seminar

Masking will be optional in some spaces:

  1. Outdoor events
  2. Evening programming held outside or in the Convocation Center including the community dance, contra dance, ice cream social, Monte Carnival
    In the Pub, at Trivia or dancing in the convocation center
  3. Swimming pool for open swim and water aerobics

Current UUA Guidelines are: “Smaller groups may consent to remove masks or make them optional. This consent should be explicit, and groups must remain masked at the request of any person/attendee. Masks are always welcome in any space.” We will follow this guideline in all other spaces not listed above such as:

  • Morning Seminars
  • Afternoon workshops
  • Dorm Lounges and shared spaces

Areas in which masking policies are still being determined:

  • Youth & YA spaces will be decided upon by the Youth and YA communities


Please contact SICOM at with any questions.