CERSI Registration, Scholarships and Jobs, Oh My!

Hard to believe that spring is here, summer break is on the way and soon it will be July and time for Summer Institute!

Have you registered yet?

Digital graphic of a telephone ringing and the words The call is coming from inside the house, 2023 Summer Institute

If so, hang tight, we’ve got news about volunteer work-shifts, parking, packing, evening entertainment, schedules, CERSICLE small groups and first-timer meet-and-greets coming your way in the next month. Watch your email inbox, our website & Facebook page for more info.

If you aren’t registered yet it is time to get a move on that. Early registration, which will save you $75 per person, ends on May 31, 2023! Still thinking it over? Learn more about why you would want to join this week long UU adventure here:

Jobs & Scholarships

We get it, CERSI can be more expensive than some people can afford. We have jobs to help you save on costs and scholarships to help with additional funds needed. We don’t want cost to be the reason someone cannot attend, and we will work with you to make your attendance possible.

A super-quick way to save $75 is to register early! Completing your registration by May 31, 2023 saves you $75 per person from the start!


Jobs aren’t needs-based. Anyone can apply and take advantage of the savings. We still have multiple jobs available for 2023. We’re looking for:

  • RE teachers
  • A choir accompanist
  • A children’s choir director
  • Scholarship fundraiser
  • Golf cart driver

All of these jobs offer a campership, which is a discount on your registration fees. You can even combine jobs for a savings up to $450. Please read more about each of these positions and then apply today!


Scholarships provide additional funding and are available to newcomers, CERSI regulars and those joining us from UUMAC too. The application process is has been streamlined from past year and can be applied to registration, programming, housing and the meal plan. Learn more and apply today on our scholarship page.

More questions?

Send us an email at sichair@cersiuu.org or head to our Facebook page for a lot of friendly people ready to help you out.