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The History of Summer Institute

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CERSI 2020 – Online

Summer Insitu

No Theme Speaker

SI Chair – Cal Frye

CERSI 2019 – Oberlin College

Building a Vocal Community
Theme Speaker – Dr. Ysaye Barnwell
SI Chair – Anne Wilson

OMDSI 2018 – Oberlin College

Hope is an Imperative: How each one of us makes a difference
Theme Speaker – Dr. David W. Orr
SI Chair – Bruce Kent

OMDSI 2017 – Oberlin College

Beyond Lip Service: the Courage to Communicate UU Values
Theme Speaker – Sheila Schuh
SI Chair – Gina Phillips

OMDSI 2016 – Oberlin College

Covenant and Collective Action
Theme Speaker – Matt Meyer
SI Chair – Liz Bright

OMDSI 2015 – Oberlin College

Faith, Evolving: How American Religion Is Changing
Theme Speaker – Rev. Joan Van Becelaere
SI Chair – Scott Piepho

OMDSI 2014 – Oberlin College

The Journey of Change
Theme Speaker – Rabbi David M. Horowitz
SI Chair – Alan Halprin

OMDSI 2013 – Kenyon College

Social Justice – A Central UU Path
Theme Speaker – Rev. Art McDonald
SI Chair – Alison Reed

OMDSI 2012 – Kenyon College

Reboot Your Theology – Exploring UU Connecitons
Theme Speaker – Rev. Mg Riley
SI Chair – Diana VanWinkle

OMDSI 2011 – Kenyon College

This is The House That UUs Built
Theme Speaker – Rev. John Buehrens
SI Chair – Anne Wilson

OMDSI 2010 – Kenyon College

Our Stories, Ourselves, Seeking….
Theme Speaker – Odds Bodkin
SI Chair – Jay Randall

OMDSI 2009 – Kenyon College

One Faith, Many Voices
Theme Speaker – Thandeka
SI Chair – John Rodeheffer

OMDSI 2008 – Kenyon College

Living Out Loud: Speaking Up As Religious Liberals
Theme Speaker – Meg Barnhouse
SI Chair – Dave Murray

OMDSI 2007 – Kenyon College

The Dharma of Living: The Ongoing Prescription for Happiness
Theme Speaker – Ven. Shih Ying-Fa, the Abbot of CloudWater Zendo and founder of the Zen Society of Cleveland
SI Chair – Amy Kent

OMDSI 2006 – Kenyon College

Befriending Nature: Enlarging Our Family of Belonging.
Theme Speaker – Rev. Gary Kowalski from Burlington, VT
SI Chair – Bob Erdman

OMDSI 2005 – Kenyon College

Building Faith: What’s in Your ToolBox
Theme Speaker – Rabbi David M. Horowitz
SI Chair – Dave Dunn

OMDSI 2004 – Kenyon College

UU 24/7
Theme Speaker – Aaron R. Payson
SI Chair – Dana Bjorkland

OMDSI 2003 – Kenyon College

Peace: In Your Soul, In Your World
Theme Speaker – Former UUA Moderator Denise Davidoff
SI Chair: Alison Melby & Marilyn Markovitch

OMDSI 2002 – Kenyon College

What Really Matters
Theme Speaker – UUA Moderator Diane Olson
SI Chairs: Bernie Siegel & John Marshall

OMDSI 2001 – Kenyon College

The Finding of Diversity in our Harmony
Theme Speaker -Rev. Bill Sinkford
SI Chair: Robin Herr

OMDSI 2000 – Kenyon College

Growing in the Spirit
Theme Speaker – Rev. Anthony Johnson
SI Chair: Lindsay Scott

OMDSI 1999 – West Liberty State College

The Beginning is Near
Theme Speaker -Rev. Roberta Finkelstein
SI Chair: Pat Lorei

OMDSI 1998 – West Liberty State College

A Sense of Place
Rev. Roger Brewin
SI Chair: Sam Hens-Greco

OMDSI 1997 – Bethany College

Sources of Hope
Theme Speaker – Meg Riley
SI Chair: Kate Greenfield

OMDSI 1996 – Bethany College

Theme: Olympics of the Spirit
Theme Speaker – Reverend Roy Phillips
SI Chair: Sibyl McNulty

OMDSI 1995 – Bethany College

Free to Be – Unitarian Universalist; Marching Toward a Multicultural Community
Theme Speaker ??
SI Chair: Michelle Radkin

OMDSI 1994 – Bethany College

Getting Serious About Unitarian Universalism
Reverend Scott Alexander
SI Chair Joel Slater

OMDSI 1993 – Bethany College

Speak to me, speak To me, speak to Me
Theme Speaker – Barbara Pescan
SI Chairs: Kathy Silver, Liz Miles, Becky Nero

OMDSI 1992 – Bethany College

Theme Quantum Leaping
Theme Speaker – Barbara Whitaker-Johns
SI Chair: Nancy Fitzgerald

OMDSI 1991 – Bethany College

West Virginia, Almost Heaven
Theme Speaker – Gary Smith

OMDSI 1990 – Bethany College

Give Me that Old Time Religion
Theme Speaker – Clarke Dewey Wells

OMDSI 1989

The Tooth that Nibbles at the Soul
Theme Speaker: Gordon McKeeman
SI Chair: Dottie Clark

OMDSI 1988

Relearning the Language of Flowers
Theme Speaker: Til Evans
SI Chair: Midge Forman

OMDSI 1987

Theme Speaker: Charles Stephen, Jr
SI Chair: Emily Curie, Midge Miles

OMDSI 1986

Partners in the Web of Life
Theme Speaker: Mark & Donna Morrison-Reed
SI Chair: Emily Curie

OMDSI 1985

…Within Myself an Invincible Summer
Theme Speaker: Caroline & Tom Owen-Towle
SI Chair: Karen Phillips


GA was in Columbus

OMDSI 1983

From Our Hands…Affirmation and Confirmation
Theme Speaker: Kenneth R. Brown
SI Chair: Karen Phillips

OMDSI 1982

Reflections in a Living Glass
Theme Speaker: Forest Whitman
SI Chair:

OMDSI 1981

Dancing Over the Dark Abyss
Theme Speaker: Judith A. Urquhardt
SI Chair: Bonnie Stauffacher

OMDSI 1980

Believing, Belonging, Becoming
Theme Speaker: Chris Raible
SI Chair: Barbara DeWolfe

OMDSI 1979

I Am…We Are All in This Together
Theme Speaker: Dorothy Spoerl
SI Chair: Nancy Lee