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Apply for a CERSI Scholarship

Do you want to attend CERSI but don’t feel you have the finances to make it happen? Apply for a CERSI scholarship!

We especially encourage first timers to apply and we do give them first consideration, but ALL attendees may apply and will be considered.

How does the application process work?

  1. Complete the application linked below.
  2. At the time of application, you should have the name of someone who can serve as your supporter. While a UU minister, UU professional, or CERSI staff person is preferred, your supporter can be anyone who is familiar with your financial situation and your connection to Unitarian Universalism.
  3. Upon completion of the application, a secondary form of support will be e-mailed to your supporter. Please follow up with your supporter to ensure this is completed, as scholarship applications will not be considered without a completed support form.
  4. Upon completion of both the application and support form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  5. Funds will not be dispersed until after the May 31st deadline. You will receive an e-mail on or around June 2nd to confirm the amount of the scholarship award.

The scholarship fund is 100% raised by CERSI attendees, and there is a limited amount of funds from year to year. A completed application is not a guarantee for financial assistance, but the scholarship chair will make every possible effort to meet the needs of all applicants. If you are able to contribute even a small amount of funds towards attending CERSI, please state this in your application.


Applications will be accepted starting March 1, 2021. Both applications and forms of support must be completed by May 31, 2021.

The May 31st deadline is firm. No applications will be considered after 11:59 PM.


All information shared during the application process, including your name, your supporter’s name, and your financial situation, will remain strictly confidential. Your information is not shared with anyone outside of the scholarship committee.


Giving to the Scholarship Fund is easy. Remember your first SI and what it meant to you? You can donate as part of your registration process or by visiting the donation page.


Contact the scholarship chair.