Workshop Proposals and Artwork for 2023 Needed!

Workshop Proposals for 2023

Do you have a creative idea for ways that the community can play, explore, or learn together? We want to see your proposals for morning seminars and afternoon workshops!   
Morning Seminars are intended to be attended by the same people all five mornings (supporting a curriculum that builds upon itself each day) and are chosen with an effort toward providing a variety of options to the community (i.e. spiritual, intellectual, physical, hands-on, etc.). 

Afternoon Workshops tend to be more casual than morning seminars and should be designed to be attended just one or multiple days. They can be intergenerational or age specific.  These are often sports, games, and crafts but are not limited to these options so share your ideas!

We will have an online presence this year as well as being in person at California University of Pennsylvania. Please consider how your workshop could work for online attendees. Some workshops or seminars won’t work online but others can be streamed live or recorded.

The standard budget for workshops and seminars is $50. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive a “campership” discount of $300 off your registration (two or more leaders will share the discount).

Deadline is October 30, 2022; applicants will be notified no later than January 2022. Send your questions to


The CERSI 2023 theme is “The Call is Coming from Inside the House*: Preemptive Radical Inclusion and Practices for Witness, Self Examination and Change”- presented by CB Beal.

Submission guidelines:

Artwork should be at least 300 DPI. PDF, TIFF, or PNG formats accepted. If saving in PDF, please ensure fonts are either included or outlined.

T-shirts are printed using a traditional screen-printing process. While artwork with multiple colors (up to 14 colors, though fewer colors would be better) are accepted and encouraged, full-color images will NOT be considered as they cannot be screen-printed.

If you aren’t sure what any of that means, you MAY still submit a design! However, a design that fails to follow the artwork requirements may be altered significantly in order to make it print-ready.   Send artwork to

What do you get for designing the t-shirt? This year, you will receive TWO free t-shirts. You could get one t-shirt for you and one for a friend, or two for you – one colored, and one white for tie-dye! (Or you could give BOTH of them away – it’s entirely up to you what you want to do with them.) More importantly, you will have the pleasure of seeing your artwork on people all throughout CERSI 2023 (and, knowing us, years to come).