UUMAC is joining CERSI in 2023

Hello Beloved Community!

UUMAC at CERSI logoWe are excited to share that members of UU Mid-Atlantic Community (UUMAC – see more at www.uumac.org), a summer camp very similar to CERSI that has been happening for decades, are going to be joining us at Summer Institute this year! Their summer camp program lost their university location with little notice, and their board approached SIPC about joining together this year, which we were thrilled to do.

UUMAC will be bringing campers from a little more to the east – New York, Virginia, Eastern Pennsylvania and more – than we generally have. Their members are going to be helping make the SI Magic happen – leading some morning seminars, perhaps joining the ministry team, and taking on jobs like teaching RE and driving golf carts, just like our CERSI friends do every year. They will be members of our intentional community – sharing worship services, bringing banners from their home churches to add to the stage, and doing tie-dye and singing and playing like the rest of us do each year.

We don’t know if this will be a one-time partnership or if this might happen again in the future. In the meantime, please join SIPC in welcoming UUMAC members to our beloved community for CERSI 2023.

Please see the video below that UUMAC made for their members to introduce them to the CERSI community in 2023.