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Here’s a PEEK! at a Game We Play

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PEEK! is a game involving both dice and cards. It is wide open – all you must do is show up. It’s easy – you get lessons right there and can pick it up immediately. I for families – the game has no minimum age to be able to play. If you can read dice and cards, or have someone who can help you, you can play. And it’s fun.


PEEK! was created by Sam Hens-Greco’s Uncle Carl, and Sam and his family have been bringing it to Summer Institute for years. There are no losers in this game, everybody wins a prize.


Ah, the legendary PEEK! prizes. To play, you should bring one, in a reusable grocery bag. (You get to keep the bag as well, and sometimes it’s better than the prize.) As for the prize itself, bring something that isn’t expensive. Sam says that it should be something that you cherish. Everybody else says that it should be a “white elephant” gift, or something you don’t want. Many people bring the prize they won last year. When the game is over, there’s a huge swap meet among the children, so see who can come home with something they actually want.

Keep an eye out instructions on where and when to bring the PEEK! prize to where they are collected for the game. Don’t worry if you have something appropriate or not. You can’t make a mistake. And join us for the game itself. It’s something that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s a blast.

One word of warning – it’s loud. Very, very loud.