Youth Program (arriving 7th grade-Completed 12th grade)

The Summer Institute youth program provides high quality programming for 100+ youth while maintaining an atmosphere of fellowship, learning and sharing meaningful experiences. The SI youth program
takes pride in empowering participants and serves youth from grades seven through twelve. The program is planned and facilitated by a panel of elected youth and adults working together. Youth will experience friendship and acceptance in a safe and supportive community.


Each year, informative new speakers engage students on a range of themes from religious exploration to social justice and more. Participants also break into daily workshops that are led by youth, that
highlight their diversity and creativity. Youth also join the entire SI community in both the afternoon and evenings for a variety of fun, intellectual and physical multigenerational workshops, events and activities that seek to engage them in the wider community. No matter what your interests are the youth program offers something you’ll enjoy.

Touch Based Groups

A group as large as the youth program can seem overwhelming sometimes so each youth participates in a “Touch Base” group. These Youth/Adult run groups encourage youth to share conversation and games with a smaller crowd and makes sure that staff can provide support to any youth having problems throughout the week.


The SI Youth Program creates an environment of safety that fosters youth independence and accountability. A panel of youth and adult leadership manage situations that arise confidentially after notifying parents. Youth staff take their commitment to provide a safe and healthy community seriously and regularly re-examine policies and procedures. Youth expectations include no sex, no abuse or violence, and no substance use. Respect for others and their property is also expected. Youth check in 3x daily with staff and are expected to check in with parents/sponsors. Supervised youth hangouts during non-programming time are provided. Junior Highers are escorted by youth leaders from evening activities to their dorms. With parental permission, older youth (10th-12th grade) may stay in the “Youth Dorm” and are required to do an in person check in at curfew each night.