Chair’s Letter

Welcome to Central East Region Summer Institute 2019!

We are so looking forward to seeing you at CERSI this July! It’s a big year for CERSI, starting with our new name (though we might still slip and call ourselves SI at times). We are honored and thrilled to have Dr. Ysaye Barnwell unite us in Building a Vocal Community®. Her program as our theme speaker promises to be inspiring, informative, and engaging. And we are celebrating our 40th year of co-creating an intentional community. So many good reasons to make sure that you and your family are in Oberlin with us this summer!

For those of you returning, you may notice some changes. We’re excited about our new name, CERSI, a new website:, and a new facebook page: CER Summer Institute. Check out the new website in particular – it’s much more user-friendly and searchable. Even returning folks may learn something!

Other changes: We’re experimenting with a new location and time for the bookstore so be sure to watch for signs/announcements. At Oberlin’s request, we’ll be using fewer dorms this year, so this might be your chance to try out a new place to rest your head and meet some new neighbors.

For those of you joining us for the first time, I hope you find a little SI magic. Look for fairy rocks. Sing with the sacred song circle. Make a new friend. Stop listening to the news and enjoy the music. Bring your enthusiasm and your good intentions for UU community. Your CERSI is what you make it. Together we create it for each other.

Anne Wilson
SIPC 2019 Chair