2010 Audio

2010 Theme Speaker includes all of the morning theme talks presented by Odds Bodkin. His theme for the week was The Storyteller?s Doubts: Eternal Verities Sought in Eternal Stories.

2010 Morning Worship by Rev. David McFarland and 2010 Evening Vespers and one each by the Youth and Young Adults are also available for download.

All the files are downloadable for free, and are linked as mp3 files. You are welcome to download and use them for personal use only. Content is copyright the presenter.

Day Event
Sunday Opening Ceremony
Monday Morning Worship
Monday Theme Talk
Monday Vespers
Tuesday Morning Worship
Tuesday Theme Talk
Tuesday Vespers
Wednesday Morning Worship
Wednesday Theme Talk
Wednesday Vespers
Thursday Morning Worship
Thursday Theme Talk
Thursday Vespers
Friday Morning Worship
Friday Theme Talk
Friday Vespers
Saturday Closing Ceremony