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Frequently Asked Questions

When does CERSI begin and end?

  • We’ll begin with our Opening Ceremony on Sunday, July 12 at 7:00 pm. You’ll receive an email beforehand with the Zoom link.
  • We’ll end our week with our Closing Ceremony on Friday, July 17 at 7:00 pm.

How will I know what’s going on at CERSI 2020?

  • Early each morning, you will receive an email detailing the activities and events offered for that day, including Zoom links where applicable. This email will be our primary form of communication with you so be sure to check it daily or if you have questions.
  • There will be three main ways to participate this year:
    • Engage with the Theme
      • Each day’s email will include a list of ways that you can engage with the theme of the day, on your own or with people in your household. There will be a daily blessing, a spiritual activity, a video or other presentation related to the theme, and a creative activity. As you find time during the day, you are encouraged to participate in these activities or any other activity that, to you, relates to the theme.
      • If you’d like to discuss the theme or any of the activities centered around it, we would love to see you at a live Zoom theme discussion, offered at a different time each afternoon. The time and link will be in the daily email.
    • Dinner with Amy Kent
      • Amy will host a live Zoom room with breakout rooms from 5-6:30 each evening. Come to eat your dinner/dessert/snack or not, greet old friends, and meet new friends.
    • Evening Community Activities
      • Each evening from 7-8:30 pm will bring a different live community engagement event: game night, guest speaker and discussion, Youth Coffee House, Variety Show. You’ll receive a link to that day’s evening event in the daily email.

What’s a CERSI Circle or CERSIRCLE? How do I sign up for one?

  • UU youth have known for decades the importance of using small groups to create connection during events. This year we’re all hungry for connection more than ever. To help feed that need at SI “in situ,” SI’s Committee on Ministry invites registered adults to participate in small conversation groups. These groups of 8–10 people, called CERSIRCLES (pronounced sir-sir-kəlz), are intentional spaces to foster a sense of belonging, safety, and connection, meeting daily by Zoom at varying times convenient to each group.   Each group will have an initial, brief meeting following Sunday’s Opening Ceremony.
  • You should receive an email soon inviting you to sign up for a CERSICLE. If you haven’t yet, feel free to sign up https://forms.gle/qY77vc3nuHqD9DGr8  before July 8.

I’ll be at work/school/camp during the day. How can I participate in CERSI 2020?

The daily theme activities can be done at any time during the day/night/week, on your own or with your family/household. If you’re out during the day, be sure to stop by Dinner with Amy at 5:00 pm or the live Evening Community Activity each night at 7:00 pm. Everyone is also encouraged to join a CERSI Circle (CERSIRCLE) for small group conversation. We’ll do our best to find a CERSIRCLE that meets at a time that works for you. Look for a CERSIRCLE email survey soon!

I’ll be at work/school/camp during the evening. How can I participate in CERSI 2020?

The daily theme activities can be done at any time during the day/week, on your own or with your family/household. The live theme discussion will also occur during the day, usually in the afternoon. Everyone is also encouraged to join a CERSI Circle (CERSIRCLE) for small group conversation. We’ll do our best to find a CERSIRCLE that meets at a time that works for you. Look for a CERSIRCLE email survey soon!

I registered but there are others in my family who will be participating. How does that work?

  • Feel free to forward the daily email to the other folks in your household. Each person then is welcome to participate in the activities and events as they wish, on the same device or different devices.
  • We respectfully ask that you only share the daily emails/links with people in your household.

I’ve never used Zoom. Where can I learn about it?

  • If you’d like to work out the kinks in Zoom before we begin CERSI on Sunday, we highly encourage you to attend one of our Zoom Practices Session. Watch your email for a link to the practice sessions, beginning on July 8. Follow the directions above to get going and, once you’re in, we’ll share some tips and tricks to help you have a great Zoom experience at CERSI!
    • Zoom Practice Session 1: Wednesday, July 8, 2-3:00 pm
    • Zoom Practice Session 2: Thursday, July 9, 7-8:00 pm
    • Zoom Practice Session 3: Saturday, July 11, 10-11:00 am

Zoom is asking for a password. Where do I get that?

It will be provided along with the Zoom link in the daily email.

What will be available for children or youth?

  • Children: Online, 11:00 – 11:45 am daily. We will start with the activity, spending the first half hour explaining and working on it, and then spend the second half hour with the kids visiting with each other and catching up, maybe sharing things they’ve made or done or whatever the kids decide they want to do. If you have questions about the RE Program for children this year, please email: reilly@uakron.edu
    • M = Make Your Own Chalice — Come create your own UU chalice!
    • T = Scavenger Hunt challenge set
    • W = Dance Challenge – kids teach each other awesome dance moves in real time, one at a time
    • Th = bring your Scavenger Hunt treasures to show everyone and talk about where you found them
    • F = ???? share quilt squares working on? Pet Day (or one thing they can’t share at live SI, such as a pet?)
  • Youth: Touch groups will have their initial meeting on Sunday at 6 pm, and will meet daily throughout the week at a time that works for everyone in the group.
    • Wednesday Night will be the Youth Coffee House, a CERSI tradition!! All youth are encouraged to submit an act – more info coming soon. All campers are encouraged to attend the Coffee House and support our young people.

How do I submit an act for the Variety Show? For the Youth Coffee Shop?

  • CERSI Variety Show: To be broadcast Thursday evening.
    • Open to children, youth, adults, anyone!
    • Record a 30 second – 3 minute video of your “talent” and send it to 2020sivarietyshow@gmail.com. Have a talent or skill that falls outside of those 30 second to 3 minute guidelines? Shoot Nathan a note at the same address and he’ll chat with you about it.
  • Youth Coffee Shop
    • (coming soon!)

How do I submit photos/short videos for the Closing Ceremony slideshow?

Did you get creative this week?  Did you take a walk as part of your spiritual practice?  Did you engage with the theme in your own way?  Photos or videos of your SI week may be sent to Carolyn Stevens at uuca.cstevens@yahoo.com for a Closing Ceremony slide show.  Deadline:  7pm Thursday.

Where do I get help with….?

  • If you have a registration question, email registrar@cersiuu.org
  • During CERSI:
    • First, check the daily email. Most of your answers are likely there.
    • If you have a tech question about getting onto Zoom: 1-614-947-1336
    • If you have a tech question once you’re in Zoom, enter the question into the chat box (use the speech bubble icon at the bottom of the screen).
    • If you would like to speak with a chaplain: 1-412-360-8463

If you have a general/programming question or if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, please email Cal and Susan at sichair@cersiuu.org

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