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What to bring

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For Registration

  • You need to know your Family/Group name

For the Community

For Your Room

  • Sheets: Extra-long sized twin size (dorm) or double bed (apartment)
    • pillow cases and towels
    • mattress pad (optional)
    • Some campers prefer to bring their own pillow.
    • Note: pillow and blanket provided.
  • Hangers
  • Bath mat
  • Hand towels: California is a green campus, and no paper towels are provided in the dorm restrooms
  • Toiletries/medications/sunscreen/band aids, etc.
    • Bug spray if you plan to be outdoors in the evenings (youth vespers is always outdoors at night if it’s not raining)
  • Alarm clock
  • Reading light/nightlight/clip-on light, etc.
  • Drying rack or line
  • Bag or caddy to carry toiletries to the bathroom
  • Extension cord/power strip/charging cables
  • Flashlight
  • Travel coffee mug with name
  • Refillable water bottle with name
  • Snacks or drinks for evenings or between meals (dorms have fridges and kitchenettes but no utensils/pots/pans/etc)
  • Radio/boom box/iPod/phone, etc. and chargers
  • Trash can or a bag to use for trash
  • Laundry detergent


      • Casual, comfortable clothing
      • Comfortable walking shoes
      • Robe and slippers for bathroom down the hall
      • Flip flops for shower
      • Costume for community dance (optional)
      • Swimming apparel, including extra towels
      • Pre-washed 100% cotton items for tie-dyeing (limit 2 items)
      • Rain gear/umbrella

      Money and/or Credit Cards for

      • Pub (NO BYOB AT PUB!)
      • CERSI bookstore
      • California bookstore
      • Note: there are ATMs available on campus.
      • Workshops requiring donations (it would be mentioned in the description)
      • Scholarship activities/donations


      • Note-taking supplies/stationery/envelopes/stamps
      • Lawn chairs
      • Bikes/bike locks/helmets (mandatory for everyone!)
        • Note:  Bike thieves are aware of our presence on campus.  Plan to lock your bike, or risk losing it.
      • Softball & glove/tennis balls and racquets/frisbees/other sports equipment
      • Sewing/knitting/crafts,  games/puzzles/kids’ toys
      • Musical instruments/music stands/music for small ensembles
      • Reading material
      • Lightweight bag or backpack to carry water bottle, book, etc.
      • Your drum for the evening drumming circle or the open afternoon workshop

      For Families with Children

      • Extra clothes/snacks
      • Outdoor toys, bikes with locks and helmets
      • Baby tub (only showers available)
      • Highchair or booster seat
      • Nightlight with extension cord
      • Room monitor
      • Cots or air mattresses for children sleeping on the floor