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Dear SI Community,

We write to share with you that California University is cancelling all programs at their campus this summer. This includes Summer Institute. We will not have a Summer Institute in person this year.

We will all have different and complicated responses to this news.

As you will read, we will have multiple forums to share your experience with the leadership and each other.

In the meantime, we remind you of the care stickers we had at last year’s Summer Institute: Breathe, Hydrate, Connect.


It is more important than ever to breathe and contemplate.  Be aware of the SI magic that lives in you and this community.  We will not be physically together yet we will breathe the SI magic into being wherever we are.  The Magic of Summer Institute is not being canceled, but this year it may look rather different than we had expected. We are in the process now of envisioning just how that may look.


We care for ourselves and one another during the week of Summer Institute.  We invite you to hydrate — body, mind, and spirit — in the weeks ahead.  Reach out to that friend you speak to every SI no matter what.  Remember what has made the SI magic that lives in you even after SI is over.  We are looking at creative ways to offer hydration for mind, body, and spirit via virtual opportunities and creative activities, even before July.  If you have ideas, look for a survey to come soon asking for your input.


SIPC will meet on April 12th to consider options for holding SI virtually.  There are a lot of things to consider.  SI Committee on Ministry will be organizing Zoom meetings soon. You all will be invited to the meetings.  We will connect online, as a beloved SI community and with small breakout groups.  We will nurture our journey toward a virtual community.  For example, during Summer Institute week, we will have a worship service.  Many of our committees and teams are already planning how to connect the SI magic from across the country.

We all have a lot of questions … we ask for your patience as the SIPC, committees, teams, and UUA Staff work together to imagine the future.  Just remember to breathe, hydrate, and connect as you await the information to come.

A note on refunds:  All registration fees already paid can be fully refunded.  Registrars will be in touch regarding any refund due you.  For more information or questions about registration or refunds, please see https://www.dev.cersiuu.org/register/  or contact Registrar@cersiuu.org.
You are the magic and we love you for it,

Your members of the Summer Institute Planning Committee

Cal Frye

Susan Roscigno

Becky Mitchell

CeeJay Cook

Jane Harkey

Christa Champion

Nathan Morse

Marion Brannan

Carolyn Stevens

Amy Kent, UUA Staff Support

Sunshine Wolfe, UUA Staff Support