Early Afternoon Workshops (1:30– 3:00)

  1. Duct Tape

    Sara Beech

    Today’s Duct Tape has many more uses than just a tool in your toolbox. We will be creating your master pieces out of all kinds of colors and patterns. The focus of the workshop will be on the construction of beach/grocery bags, pull string backpacks, wallets and so much more.

  2. Body Art

    Jane Dirks

    What could be more mindfully meditative than creating a multicolored chalice which winds around your ankle? Or a beaded hair wrap in your best friend’s (or your daughter’s or dad’s) flowing locks? Join us under the trees for a peaceful afternoon of world music and body decoration.

  3. It’s Game Time

    Claire Galpern and Danny Galpern

    Come learn about all kinds of outside group games to play! We will be learning and playing games that help groups get connected, have a lot of fun with each other and play hard together. We will be playing old classics and learn lots of new games. All ages welcome.

  4. Tie-Dye and Un-Dye 2015

    Nicole Hayman and Lexi Staples

    Come show your creative side with an SI staple! Pick a pattern, freestyle dye, or un-dye a darker clothing item! Let your creativity flow with little rules or regulations! Limit two items per camper please!

  5. Poetry for a Summer Day

    Dean Hazelton

    This is a workshop in reading and appreciating poetry. We will read aloud and talk about poetry on a variety of subjects from different times and poetic traditions. Some possible topics are nature; love, lust and loss; poetry by Rumi, mystical poetry and poems about poetry.

  6. Volleyball

    John McCrystal

    Fun, good sportsmanship, safety and community are all goals of this afternoon gathering. Drills and work on serves, setting, passing and hitting techniques will occur during the first part of each afternoon along with the review of several rules each day. Everyone’s volleyball skill level will improve during the week and a fun time will is a sure thing.

  7. Art Space

    Lauren Straubhaar and Ali Cotton

    This year’s Art Space focus will be on repurposing and recycling items and turning them into fun pieces of art. We will have designated “craft of the day” for adults and kids, as well as an “open art” area where you can let your creativity flow. Come be creative and have fun!

  8. Play with Me

    Colleen Thoele

    This workshop is for taking a few moments to stop rushing and just play. Each day a new activity will be introduced that is designed for small children through older adults to enjoy together. Drop in and spend some time creating, connecting and playing. Create a sidewalk paint mural, paint your own SI rocks and take home a treasure box of your week at SI.

  9. Lego PalooZA

    Diana VanWinkle

    Come create with Legos and have an all-out fun, crazy time! Participants will experience Lego fun encompassed with daily themes. Themes include: “Say Aaargh”, “Build like a SuperHero”, “Things that Move”, “Tall, Tall Towers” and “Free Play”. Duplos provided for the littlest among us. Build together or create your very own creations.