Morning Seminars

  1. Awaken to the Heartbeat

    Rebekah Benner

    Make a joyful noise!! Connect to the heart of the Mother Earth through the drum! Learn the basics of hand-drumming and drum circle facilitation. Rhythms from many cultures will be shared. Shamanic drum journey, trance drumming, drum chant & song will also be explored. For the new and the experienced drummer. PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN “TALL” PEDESTAL TYPE DRUM; i.e. DJEMBE, ASHIKO, DOUMBEK, THAT CAN BE HELD BETWEEN THE KNEES AND PLAYED WITH BOTH HANDS.

  2. Rock’s Most Wanted – The Greatest One-Hit Wonders of Rock and Roll

    Bill Brauning

    The history of Rock and Roll is laced with those groups and performers who were known as One-Hit Wonders. They received major acclaim in many cases and then disappeared not to be heard of again. Who were they, how did they rise to stardom, where did they go? The class will hear and see these heroes of Rock.

  3. Cultivating the Creativity Garden through The Artist’s Way

    Dawn Corley & Margaret McConnell

    You may have heard of The Artist’s Way, the creativity-enhancing series of books by Julia Cameron; you may have written Morning Pages and done the exercises in the chapters. Have you, however, explored her writings in a group setting, complete with simple crafts designed to cut through the inner critic? In this workshop, modeled on one offered at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron, Dawn Corley and Margaret McConnell will offer the highlights of Cameron’s principles in a supportive, enlightening, and fun manner. No prior knowledge of The Artist’s Way is required.

  4. Discovering Your Money Demons

    Sharon Delgadillo

    Why does that green piece of paper cause us such anxiety! We will examine our cultural and familial messages we carry about money; find our “true purpose” for money and review how our current relationship with the almighty buck is working for us and find some ways to improve it.

  5. Yes, You Can Create! Expressive Collage Workshop for Everyone

    Denise Deschenes

    Do you want to be creative but don’t know how to start? Do you feel that in order to create art it takes special training that you don’t have or don’t have time for? Or are you simply looking for a way to play? Collage may be just what you are looking for. Expressive collage can range from a few minutes of play, to a means of self-expression, to mindful creativity, to a sophisticated art form. Join us in making collages and spend a few hours experiencing what it feels like to create without pressure.

  6. Cultivating Resilience

    Cindy Franz

    Cindy Frantz is a psychology professor at Oberlin College. Instead of buying a sports car, Cindy has chosen to channel her mid-life crisis angst into increasing her own resilience. She would love some company.

  7. My Improvised Life: Comedy as a UU Philosophy

    Mike Frye

    Teamwork, listening, sacrifice, and support are all vital ingredients to building a working community, but are also vital to comedy! In this workshop we will learn the fundamentals of long form improvisational comedy, and discuss how these techniques can be applied both on and off the stage.

  8. Walking Towards Trouble

    Laura Howe & Laura Conkle

    Last year at General Assembly 2014 in Providence, RI, Sister Simone Campbell invited UU’s to reflect on “…the journey of faith as walking towards trouble.” As we bend the arc of history toward justice and create beloved community, UU’s do indeed walk towards trouble. Explore practical leadership skills and activities that promote and support success. Curiosity, challenges and excitement for the possibilities in the walk towards trouble are welcome! We will focus on common challenges to UU leaders in our congregations of all sizes and shapes. Ultimately, our work requires many of the same skills regardless of our context.

  9. Size: The Other Diversity

    Deb Lemire

    As UU’s we pride ourselves on how readily we welcome diversity…. of gender, race, culture, theology. We accommodate, without judgment, for physical disability. Yet are we welcoming to people whose body is larger than our defined “normal?” As a larger person do you experience discrimination based on your size? This workshop explores size as the other diversity and how those of us that live in larger bodies can embrace our inherent worth and dignity through the Health at Every Size model.

    Deb Lemire is a member of the UU Church of Akron. She has served as President of the Associate for Size Diversity and Health and currently serves on their public policy committee. Deb has presented on size and health and the impact of stigma in both seminar settings and theatrical with her one woman performance piece,” For Beauty’s Sake.”

  10. Reading the Earth of Oberlin and Beyond

    Jamie Martin-Hayden

    During this workshop we will investigate the surprising variety of geology around Oberlin. Join us on our field trips to a Berea Sandstone quarry, Cascade Park in Elyria, the rock gardens and mineral exhibit in Carnegie, the Lewis Environmental Center and the glacial moraine exposed at the Oberlin Arboretum. This workshop will involve a moderate amount of walking, at most a mile round trip.

  11. Making Our Lives Magical

    Andrew Nash

    We will learn how to perform magic tricks in several styles, ranging from the David Copperfield-esque stunning feats of illusion to the street magic of David Blaine, to the comedic routines of birthday performers.

  12. Exploring the Architectural Treasures of Oberlin College

    Raymond Schinhofen

    Now that Summer Institute is happening at Oberlin College, learn more about the significant architecture located all around the campus and that spans over 125 years of design excellence. Focusing on notable architects and their works (among them Cass Gilbert, Frank Lloyd Wright and his concept of the Usonian house, modernist Minoru Yamasaki, post-modernist Robert Venturi as well as others), this workshop will provide an in-depth exploration of Oberlin’s amazing architectural history, including visuals, lectures, discussions, and a walking tour that includes the Frank Lloyd Wright house.

  13. Kosha Yoga — Journal toward Wholeness

    Lisa Thiel

    We are complex beings of 5 koshas or layers that, although distinct, impact one another. They are sometimes referred to as the “lampshades over our light,” or guideposts that can help us orient to where we are in our practice. We will travel layer by layer, taking 1 of these koshas each day both in discussion & in practice – physical, breath/prana, mental/emotional, wisdom, & bliss. We will explore ways we can live more wholly both “on” and, perhaps more importantly, “off the mat.” All levels welcome.

  14. Ten Buddhist Meditations

    Shih Ying-Fa

    The core of Buddhism is the practice of meditation. Ven. Shih Ying-Fa will instruct participants in 10 styles of Buddhist meditation including Breath Mindfulness, Zen Koans, Visualization, Meditative Walking, Recitation, Traditional Buddhist Chanting and the Meditation on Loving-Kindness. If sitting close to the floor is not an option for some, chairs will be provided.

  15. GET “F.L.Y.” IN FIVE MONTHS (* Fitter, Leaner, Younger)

    Christa Champion

    Would you like to regain your youthful daily energy levels? Do you want to feel better, move more easily, and get rid of some of those nagging aches and pains you’ve been carrying around lately? Wouldn’t it be nice to touch your toes again? If you need some motivation to get up off the couch and get active, then this workshop is for you! We will: 1. Review the science behind the powerful anti-aging effects of exercise. 2. Learn basic nutritional information to improve your everyday eating habits for better long-term health. 3. Practice simple and functional body-weight exercises that will improve your posture, strengthen your movements, and increase your flexibility while simultaneously reducing joint pain.

  16. Coming of Age 2.0

    Tiffany Grinstead

    Many of us did not have the opportunity to grow up as Unitarian Universalists. While our youth go through a year-long experience to write their faith statements and share them with their congregations, we may have never had that opportunity. This class will focus on conversations and journaling built around the topics covered in a typical coming of age class. By the end of the week you will have the opportunity to write and share a faith statement with the class. Together we’ll prove it’s never too late to come of age.