Late Afternoon Workshops (3:15—4:45)

  1. Ultimate Frisbee

    Seth Sykora-Bodie and Ryan Haker

    Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most popular workshops at SI with over 40 participants taking part on most days. Seth and Ryan have been playing for years and keep coming back because they love the truly intergenerational aspect of the workshop. And, the highlight of the week is a night ultimate game with glow sticks and light up disks so that everyone can play under the moon!

  2. Dancing Hands Rhythm Workshop

    Mary Palmieri

    This workshop is both intergenerational and ability-inclusive. We use rhythm instruments as well as “dancing scarves” to encourage people of all abilities to participate in the circle.

  3. Folk Orchestra

    Pat Lorei

    We will be using fuller arrangements this year and will have a very simplified part available in case young players want to give it a try (probably need a year of school lessons under their belt).

  4. An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and Movement

    Karen Jepsen

    Are you always rushing from one thing to the next? Misplacing your keys? Forgetting names? Is your mind 3 steps ahead of your body? Come learn from Happy Panda how to be a Mindful Monkey. You will be introduced to the concept of mindfulness through movement, demonstration and engaging activities such as mindful eating. Mindfulness has proven to be beneficial in many areas, including stress management, schoolwork and the ability to focus. Appropriate for ages 10ish (with an adult) and older.

  5. Hogwarts SI

    Becky Haines

    Hogwarts is back! This workshop is designed for kids 3rd-6th grades, with beginning wizardry for newbies. Students will receive a robe, wand, and hat. Classes will include: sorting, potions, care of magical creatures, defense against the dark arts, Quidditch (with water), Transfiguration, and the all important”Night Challenge”. We will also perform a magic song piece at the talent show.

  6. The Seven Principles Happened Here

    Nancy Boutilier

    This workshop will explore Oberlin History through a UU lens. Learn about Oberlin’s link to social justice, political and environmental movements that resonate with the 7 Principles. In what room did Frederick Douglass argue against slavery? And why is there a “Ladies Grove” in town? Each afternoon will have a different theme – and place. There will be a short presentation each session paired with a walk to the various sites. Participants may also choose to bicycle or drive to meet us at the day’s sites.

  7. Dungeons and Dragons

    John Bores and Reid Parsons

    This workshop is open to everyone in middle school and older. Dungeons and Dragons is a table-top fantasy role-playing game. The leader of the group runs a campaign, or story, for the participants, acting as their eyes and ears into the world. Dice, pencils and paper serve as the mechanics of the universe, keeping track of the player’s abilities and influencing the outcome of events.

  8. Ready, Set, Go

    Connie and Steve Wagner

    Calling all kids ages 5-11 to play! Bring your wiggles, fun ideas and a bathing suit (or clothes that can get wet) and a towel.