Afternoon Workshops for CERSI 2023

We have a wide variety of afternoon activities available for Summer Institute 2023!

Early-afternoon workshops tend to be intergenerational & open to all ages (though adult supervision may be required for younger children). Late-afternoon workshops tend to be age-segregated and usually more adult-oriented, with child-care offered so that parents can attend adult activities while their children play.

Early-afternoon Workshops (1:30-3pm)

Art in the Afternoon
Natalie Isvarin-Love, Instructor

Join in on art and craft making fun. Each day there will be a focus project, which may include handmade books/journals, collage/vision boards, wine cork boards, magnets and whatever else the facilitator dreams up for the week. There will also be plenty of supplies that only need your imagination to create a work of art or quirky craft. All supplies will be provided but bring along anything you may want to incorporate.


Humans have used many techniques and materials to beautify their bodies over the ages. Come enjoy a continued tradition at Summer Institute, as we play with a variety of tools to decorate ourselves and each other. There will be temporary tattoos, hair color, henna, hair yarn wraps and many other fun things to play with.

Folk Orchestra
Pat Lorei, Leader
AGES 13+

The SI instrumental musicians will gather in the afternoon to learn music that will be shared at evening vespers and perhaps closing ceremony. Requirements include having an instrument (string, brass, wind, percussion all welcome) and music reading ability about middle school level. Leader tries to keep music in the F-C-G neighborhood.

Let’s Do Science
Beth Jewell, Instructor

We’ll use green materials for a hands-on exploration of Earth science and chemistry. Join us to make and cook/bake with solar ovens; experience chemical reactions by making and launching rockets; explore molecular properties of different sugars by formulating and making candy “stained-glass” windows; model a greenhouse to explore how carbon dioxide affects temperature; and more! Depending upon participant interests!

Make-and-Take: 101 Uses for a Bead Tally (OR, Kinesthetic Spiritual Practices)
Marianne Jew, Instructor

Make a bead tally then create a personal kinesthetic spiritual practice that you’ll use the tally to help make your practice a joyful habit. Kinesthetic practices let you bring movement and sensation to your spiritual exercises so they feel more vibrant. The bead tally is an easy way to strengthen your “spiritual muscles” by counting your “reps” as you practice each day. For example, if you choose “wonder in walking nature” as your practice and “3 reps a day” as your first goal, then you use your tally to know when you’ve experienced your 3 wonders each day.

String Play or Time for a Yarn
Martha Lester, Instructor

Spin a yarn or listen to one. Share your favorite fiber craft. or come for the gossip. Learn to knit, crochet, tie knots, weave, or make yarn or cordage. Finish a WIP/UFO or start another.

The Joy and Wonder of Play
Ken Shilling, Instructor

Each day will be very different. Each day will start with an icebreaker so we get to know each other. Everyone plays. Hunt for Pirate Treasure Race and Chase Games Blowing in the Wind Going on a Bear Hunt Life is a Riddle and a Mystery

Tie Dye (2-4pm) ALL AGES

Bring your white fabric (t-shirts, socks, pillowcases, etc., up to 2 items per person) and create amazing tie dye creations! Instruction in folding and dying offered by experienced artists.

Late-afternoon Workshops (3:15-4:45pm)

Adult Choir
Becky Zimmerman, Director
AGES 13+

The adult choir is open to all and has a wide variety of skill levels. Solo roles may be available at the discretion of the choir director. Rehearsals occur in the afternoon and immediately before morning worship performances.

Adult Happy Hour
Jennifer May & Lois Weir, Mixologists

A week of spirits, and good spirits. Each afternoon will feature a different host and offering. Come explore some new spirits, mingle with kindred spirits, and lift your own spirits before dinner. 21 and older.

Afternoon childcare Supervised playtime for young children so their adults may enjoy late-afternoon programming.
Mud Puddle Writing
Jane Dirks, Instructor
AGES 13+

Do you love words? Do you enjoy playing with them, as you would play with mud in a puddle: poking them, squishing them, slapping them together in new ways? Then join us as we respond in writing to fun, simple prompts in a supportive, thoughtful environment. Write in any form you want (prose, poetry, essay, letter, recipe) and receive affirming responses from your fellow writers.

Resistance Songs
Elliott & Claire Pullen, Song leaders

Come gather round people, wherever you roam. Bring your guitars, banjos, harmonicas, washboards, turkey basters, voices. We’ll explore protest music from Yankee Doodle and Dylan to Guthrie and Greenday – and everything in between. From California to the New York Islands, Americans have always used music as a rallying cry. Let’s gather in that spirit and lift up our voices together. A change is gonna come y’all.

Theme Talk Back
CB Beal, Speaker

Join our speaker, CB Beal, and dive further into the morning’s theme presentation of Preemptive Radical Inclusion and Practices for Witness, Self Examination and Change. Small group discussion and Q&A.

Tie Dye (2-4pm) ALL AGES

Bring your white fabric (t-shirts, socks, pillowcases, etc., up to 2 items per person) and create amazing tie dye creations! Instruction in folding and dying offered by experienced artists.

To Rejoice, To Praise, to Beat a Drum
Rebekah Benner, Leader
AGES 13+

This workshop combines learning afro-cuban polyrhythms, drum circle facilitation, and the magic of the shamanic drum journey. We will focus on building complete drum songs and some freeform festival rhythms. Please bring your own drum or other percussion instrument.

Water Aerobics for Merfolk and Water Warriors
Amy Collins, Instructor
AGES 16+

Water aerobics for all abilities including the use of pool noodles. Water is 4 feet deep at the deepest point so it’s higher impact than in some pools. Exercises can be adapted to be higher or lower impact depending on your needs. Enjoy exercise in a fun, relaxed, and joyful environment.